MBA + D Matteo Belfiore Architecture + Design is an international design studio, founded in Tokyo, Japan by the Italian architect and researcher Matteo Belfiore.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach, the practice focus on architecture, interior and product design. Its smart approach is characterized by constant research on the concepts of flexibility and cultural sustainability, to realize modular and transformable spaces that can represent the complete integration between tradition and innovation.

MBA+D can offer a wide range of services and turnkey solutions for architecture and design. Every project starts from deep research and understanding of the client needs, featuring bespoke solutions and cutting edge innovations, always attentive to the comfort and wellbeing of the end-users. The practice is specialized in creating smart, innovative and biophilic workplaces for corporate and institutional clients.


Matteo Belfiore
PhD/Licensed Architect

MBA+D | Founder/CEO

Matteo Belfiore is an Italian licensed architect and researcher based in Tokyo, with more than 15 years of professional and academic experience. Since the early stages of his career, he has focused on both academic and professional development, while developing an effective design methodology. Matteo is a multitasked architect – experienced in architecture/interior design and project coordination – able to control the design at every scale: from product design to space design, from architecture to urban planning.

Thanks to his experience as an independent architect – as well as employee at Wiel Arets Architects and Nikken Sekkei, and Director at Richar Bliah Associates – he is an effective team leader and proficient in managing the project’s schedules and timelines efficiently. He is continuously up to date in technology and innovation, while also respecting and promoting the values of tradition, especially by supporting the restoration and renovation of modern architecture. Always developing a transdisciplinary approach, his research focuses on the concept of “cultural sustainability” – a system of values related to the natural and cultural local patterns – and on the mutual interactions between design and other disciplines.

Throughout the years he has specialized in innovative, flexible and adaptable design, while promoting recycling and reuse when allowed. His primary interest is the conceptual part of the design, but he is also keen for details, materiality and performance. The precise nature of his work – coupled with his extensive research into cutting-edge materials and technical solutions – is reflected in the design produced.


Elisa Cecchetti
Licensed Architect

MBA+D | Architect

Born in 1993, Elisa is an Italian licensed architect. She graduated cum laude in Architecture at “La Sapienza” the University of Rome, with a thesis on the regeneration and redesign of Accumoli’s territory after the earthquake of 2016. During the University studies, she took part with Team Sapienza in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018. After her Master degree, she won a fellowship which brought her in Tokyo, where she is currently based.

She worked in Rome with Studio Strati for several projects including the restoration of Castel Sant’Angelo and Basilica of Massenzio. She joined Matteo Belfiore Architecture+Design from 2018. Her proactive behaviour, curiosity and her several interests – painting among all – always bring her to look for and develop new solutions and materials which can combine architecture and art.