Along the water

Naples, a City in perpetual Resurrection

Last 2011 March 11th the north of Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquake ever registered in modern history. The tsunami waves that followed demonstrated once again how small is man’s real power on how to control nature. In 1908 Messina and Reggio Calabria faced the same destiny. Italy and Japan are two lands that, in their long history, faced an incredible number of natural catastrophes related to water, due to a similar unstable hydro-geological conformation. Both the two lands developed an entire system of culture related on the use and the protection from water. The book aims to propose analyses that will try to give an exhaustive yet partial view on the way Japan and Italy tried to handle and solve the struggle of urban crisis, with particular accent on the theme of water, its use for human needs and the defense from its potential danger.

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  • Along the water: urban natural crises between Italy and Japan


  • Takeshi Ito, Noriko Matsuda, Federico Scaroni


  • Sayusha, 2017


  • 224 pages


  • 978-4865281583