Seminar – Eco Pro 2021

On December 8th and 9th, Matteo Belfiore will participate in the panel discussion organized by “Ocean – Sustainable Project” at Eco Pro 2021.

” A lot of waste is generated from the office where we work. For example, office furniture is mass-produced and consumed in large quantities. In order to create a sustainable world, it is necessary to make the office space sustainable. Introducing activities to build an eco-friendly office.”


———MBA+OCEAN Vision———


BIO-WELLNESS. We have first proposed the concept of bio-wellness in the workplace. This word comes from the fusion of Biophilic + Wellness.

“Biophilic design is a human-centered approach aimed at improving our connection to nature and nature processes in the buildings where we live and work.”

This intimate connection can increase well-being and release stress. Biophilic design means adopting vegetation inside the project and other elements that can evocate the image of nature with its shapes and colors. Wellness and social interaction are a priority for architecture and design nowadays.

A flexible environment can adapt to the specific needs and comfort requirements of the users. We design cheerful and modern spaces to promote users’ wellbeing and encourage dialogue, while guaranteeing efficiency and functionality.


SUSTAINABILITY. MBA shares with Ocean group’s members the same vision of sustainability. Our projects aim to reduce their environmental impact through five simple strategies.

RRR. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Our design is conceived to reduce the waste of space and materials while reusing as much as possible the existing furniture and adopting recycled or renewable materials.

Minimalism. We implement several strategies to declutter the interiors, keeping them minimal and reducing unnecessary items.

Quality. We always use high-quality products selected to last longer than the average, consequently reducing the need for disposal and replacement.

Modularity. We design and adopt modular furniture to avoid waste production. At the end of its lifecycle, furniture can be disassembled and its components recycled.

Naturality. We embed nature in our projects and use as much as possible natural and renewable materials, thus easy to recycle.




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