Event – Testimonial of Italian Design Day 2022

Matteo Belfiore has been appointed as Testimonial of Italian Design in Tokyo for the Italian Design Day 2022.

The Italian Design Day is a project of international promotion of the excellence of Italian design, organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ADI, Triennale di Milano and others.

One hundred Italian Design Ambassadors contribute to fostering cultural ties between Italy and the rest of the world.

This year’s topic is Re-Generation.


“What will design be like in a dynamic and globalized world, which knows no borders and needs to regenerate to become sustainable? This is the greatest challenge of the century: the promotion of an ecological transition that is capable of combining functionality and well-being with sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact thanks to technological innovation. Designers and industries have to become the avant-garde of a conceptual and practical re-generation of objects and spaces: reusing, mending, renovating, and recycling existing materials and products in parallel with the development of new ones, using sustainable processes and technologies based on the concept of the circular economy. In short, it is necessary to rethink the roots of each object, from home furnishings to home automation, mobility, and communication, right up to smart cities.”


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