Exhibition – Italian Design Day 2022

Matteo Belfiore is the curator of the exhibition “Italia, ricicliAMO Design e economia circolare” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo.


Organized by the Italian Embassy on the occasion of #italiandesignday 2022, the exhibition will showcase Italian materials and products made from agricultural, industrial, or post-industrial waste recovery. The products on display result from research and technological innovation – combining design and sustainability – that have always distinguished “Made in Italy.”

The exhibition was inaugurated on the occasion of the Panel organized by the Embassy at the Italian Cultural Institute on 24 March 2022, 6:00 pm.

A digital catalog – curated by Valentina Cannava – was also be created for the occasion.



Dates: Thursday 24 March to Friday 1 April

Hours: from 11:00 to 18:00

Admission: Free, without reservation


Companies on display

Arper (https://www.arper.com/ww/it/)

Chicco – Artsana (https://chicco.jp/)

Coffeefrom (https://www.coffeefrom.it/it)

Magis Japan (https://magisjapan.com/)

Mogu (https://mogu.bio/)

Nazena (https://nazena.com/)

Ohoskin (https://www.ohoskin.com)

Orange Fiber (https://orangefiber.it/it/)

Ricehouse (https://www.ricehouse.it/)

Riva 1920 (https://www.riva1920.it/)

Verabuccia (https://www.verabuccia.it)



AdWorld (https://www.ad-world.co.jp/)

Arflex (https://www.arflex.co.jp/en/)

i-Mesh (https://www.i-mesh.eu/)

Shukoh (https://www.shukoh.co.jp/)







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