The Italian Design Archipelago

Designing Beauty

Organized as part of the Italian Design Day 2019, the exhibition features ten selected companies among the excellences of Italian design present in Japan. Each has chosen to display an iconic object from its catalogue, the one that more than others represent a paradigm of beauty, innovation and utility.

The curator is the architect Matteo Belfiore, who models the layout of the exhibition on the archipelago’s image. The reference is to the islands of Japan, as well as a metaphor for Italian design companies. They have different styles and history, but they all share the objective of promoting the Italian way of thinking and the beauty of the design.

The exhibition ‘islands’ – each dedicated to a company or a product – are placed in a landscape that explicitly mentions karesansui , the Japanese rock garden.

Download the catalogue here: The Italian Design Archipelago


  • The Archipelago of Italian Design. Designing Beauty


  • Matteo Belfiore


  • Sangensha Publishers Inc., 2019


  • 84 pages