Project – Montessori-inspired educational furniture by Sixinch

We are proud to present our latest product design – the educational furniture S-Pet and Tess-K (Tess for kids) – designed for Sixinch.

The collection is inspired by “Montessori education”, a teaching method devised by the Italian Dr Maria Montessori (1870-1952), a doctor and educator. Its purpose is to “cultivate humans who are independent, competent, responsible, considerate of others, and will continue to learn for life”. Montessori education does not teach unilaterally the values of adults, but understands children’s interests and developmental stages, and appropriately creates an environment that encourages the child’s voluntary activities.

S-PET is inspired by a Japanese traditional wooden toy. By stacking and connecting the modules, kids can create creatures that inhabit the natural world.

TESS-K is inspired by tessellation of natural surfaces. Kids can play by connecting its polygonal shape in endless geometries or seat altogether around the included table.

The soft and smooth surface of both seating feature twelve shades of the colour wheel, and it is writable/erasable, allowing kids to enhance creativity and learn geometry and colours.

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