Event – Patrizia Moroso at The University of Tokyo

Matteo Belfiore co-organized the lecture of Patrizia Moroso at the University of Tokyo.


Patrizia Moroso/Moroso’s relationship with Japanese designers, Tokujin Yoshioka, Kita, Nendo as well as other non-japanese designer’s inspiration from Japan and her personal love she has with the country from a culture & design point of view.

Patrizia Moroso is the art director of Moroso S.p.a., a family business producing sofas, armchairs, and furnishing accessories. A self-assured talent scout, she enjoys working with unconventionality and in teams. Her very feminine approach to tactile elements encourages designers to work on the skin of objects. She leaves them free to revive applied arts (weaving/plaiting, embroidery, decoration) and to experiment with all kinds of materials. While creating a fusion of technology and hand-crafting, over the past twenty years Patrizia Moroso has built up a collection of iconic designs with a coherent hallmark but uniquely reflecting different latitudes and local cultures.

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