YAP Young Architecture Program

Innovation and sustainability


NAMI, which means wave in Japanese, is a project that reflects contemporaneity. It aims to send a message about the importance of harmony and to create a bridge between people and cultures. This proposal for YAP Young Architecture Program 2012 is straightforward and essential: an open space provided with shadow, movable sitting benches, and an area that can accommodate different types of events and activities. Imbued with an experimental spirit and strong attention to sustainability, NAMI offers a chance to express the social and cultural values requested by the Young Architecture Program.

2011 was an annus horribilis for Japan due to a huge earthquake and a devastating tsunami. Yet, that terrible event offers a chance to reflect again on the relationship human beings have with nature. Moreover, flocks of birds are a perfect metaphor of contemporaneity as their behavior and variable conformation is similar to that of the collective intelligence. Indeed, they remind us of the dynamics of the digital era and the internet.

NAMI is thought of as a flexible and polyvalent space that offers space for sitting, relaxing, and promoting sociality. Its scenographic and comfortable space accommodates all the activities provided by the MAXXI museum during the summer season. Semitransparent elements hung on tiny ropes provide the space with an ever-changing shadow. Sliding benches and low seats are distributed in the area of the installation. According to their wishes, visitors can move the sliding benches either to sunbathe or to lay under the shadow provided by the hanging elements.

Materials have been selected tactfully. Each one of them is either recycled material or a recyclable one. The main idea is to think of the installation as part of the life of the materials used to make it. Once the structure is dismantled, all the materials will be used for other purposes. NAMI aims to be an educative installation telling people the enormous potentialities of recycled materials.



  • 2012


  • Rome, Italy


  • MAXXI Museum Rome


  • Salvator-John Liotta and Matteo Belfiore


  • Salvator-John Liotta, Matteo Belfiore, Taichi Kuma, Yuta Ito, Rafael Balboa, Valentina Cannava, Ilze Paklone, Cristina Hurtado, Maxime Angileri, Sergio Mezzapelle, Fabienne Louyot, Gaia Patti


  • Competition (Finalist)